Our Virtual Single-Seater-Racing Car and racing pods bring the thrill of Single-Seater-Racing driving to your event

Our car is a FULL SIZE Single-Seater-Racing car manufactured by a specialist company near Silverstone. They have many years experience in producing cars for the majority of Single-Seater-Racing teams, and also manufacture key components for the motor sport industry.

Using original Single-Seater-Racing moulds, the car body is made from carbon and glass fibre. Current racing drivers use this same software to practice the circuits as it is the nearest experience to the real thing. Feel the pull of the road when cornering, the off track vibration and the jolt if you crash is second to none. You will love the ultimate Single-Seater-Racing experience!

Experience the very latest in simulation technology that includes:

Car Dimensions:
Height : 1.22m Width : 1.75m Length : 4.7m Weigh : 325kg Ground clearance : 15cm

Single-Seater-Racing Racing Pods

Both of our Single-Seater-Racing racing simulation pods are designed and built to the highest quality and specification by one of the industry leaders.