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Elite Virtual Racing - What's New?

06/11/2015: Cheer for Elio in his race for honours in the HKRC championship

These kart racers must be tough. It is well into November and there is still one meeting left to go. I hope that they have good tyres for icy conditions...

Elio is currently lying fifth in the championship but working very hard for fourth. With just one last go round for the season, he is looking to amass as many points over the weekend as he can. Join us in wishing him all the luck and success that he needs to get that next place up the ladder.

Getting anywhere in motorsport is tough, it takes a lot of hard work, determination and not least of all, money. If there are any potential sponsors out there who could use the publicity from a talented young racer, there is plenty of bodywork on these TKM karts that can show off your message nicely.

Likewise, if you want to attract visitors to your corporate events, then hold their attention while they are there, our racing simulator can present a powerful draw, with skilfully organised competition throughout that keeps people coming back to your message. Elio swears by the simulator as a means of sharpening up and keeping in top form for racing, as do many of the world's leading drivers who find this the most realistic way of driving around the greatest circuits without even being there. Call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email and find out how cost-effective this can be.

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22/09/2015: From this day forward, to have and to hold, but most of all to race like crazy

When two formula one enthusiasts get married, there is no finer way to help your guests celebrate the day, and bring people together than one of our simulators at the reception.

That's just what this happy couple did and their guests loved it! Even the ones who were not particularly into F1 soon warmed to the idea and there was a great spirit of friendly competition between the guests, which fired conversation for some time afterwards.

Give us a call or click in the header of any page to send us an email and put an additional bit of sparkle into your wedding reception. You don't even have to get married though. Our simulators are very popular additions to all kinds of parties and corporate events. The common thread being that everyone goes away having had an experience to remember.

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27/08/2015: Promoting Gas Safety at Enfield Show

As a part of this year's Gas Safety week, we have been invited to help out at the Gas Safe stand at Enfield Town & Country show. At last year's festival, Gas Safe engineers donned superhero costumes to underline the importance of keeping gas appliances safe.

Engineers have worryingly found a number of faulty appliances in the course of their work, making it crucial to raise awareness about boiler safety. We are looking forwards to soaking up the carnival atmosphere, with fun events happening throughout the day. These include falconry, dog agility and classic cars to name but a few!

We will also be using the simulator to raise money for a worthy cause. All money raised by the simulator will be donated to In Sue's Name, a charity which raises funds for clinical research into brain cancer.

We hope to see plenty of people at this year's event! The festival is from the 12th-13th of September, with tickets available to be purchased now from the website or at the gate.

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08/08/2015: Making weddings even more exciting

We at Elite Virtual Racing had a great day out recently, as our simulator had been hired for a wedding at Syon Park! The weather was beautiful all day, with not a cloud in the sky. We like to think our simulator looked beautiful too, decked out with ribbons and a bow in the style of a classic wedding car. Syon Park provided a stunning backdrop to this special occasion.

If you know any committed racing enthusiasts whose wedding would be incomplete without a racing experience, we are here to help! Our simulator can be booked to add extra excitement to any wedding, offering guests the chance to race against each other for first place on the leader board.

To book our simulator for any event, life-changing or not, simply click the header of any page to send us an email or give us a call on the phone number shown above.

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21/07/2015: Supporting the next generation of racers

At the Royston Open Secrets event this year, up-and-coming kart racer Elio had the opportunity to try out one of our simulators. As we mentioned in the previous blog, the event was a great success as a whole, allowing visitors to take part in friendly competition. Elio was one of said vistors, and for him the event was perfectly timed, coming directly before the June Race meeting at his karting club.

Using our simulator helped him to build confidence before this event, as well as giving him a taste of handling a full sized single seater car. Having never used a simulator before this event, the speed with which he adapted to the simulator was very impressive. Elio commented that 'it was fantastic knowing how quick I was'. The scoreboard reflects this - he posted the fastest time of the day! The experience of using the simulator had obvious benefits: currently, Elio is 5th overall in the Hunts Kart Racing Club Championship. His karting career is looking extremely positive, with high hopes for bringing a trophy home in the Maxxis TKM Festival this August.

To give the same exhilarating experience to the visitors of your upcoming events, simply call us or click the header of any page to send us an email.

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07/06/2015: A Great Day Out at Royston Open Secrets

Now in its sixth year, the Royston Open Secrets event, held on The Heath in Royston was another great success. The aim is to showcase local businesses and get people talking to each other.

Invited to take part by local communications company, M-Viron, we had great fun getting the visitors to take part in a friendly bud deadly serious competition to post the best lap times of the day in our simulator. Once inside, this full size single seater racing car can be anything you want it to be. You are not tied to any one formula, but can imagine yourself in anything from one of the brutal old F5000 cars, to a Formula Ford, there are no limits. The software offers a choice of the world's greatest circuits and off you go...

To spice up your corporate event, really grab and hold people's attention, and give them something to talk about for years to come, call us now or click in the header of any page to send us an email. By using our team's experience to organise a competition on the day, your guests will be tied in to keeping up with the leaderboard throughout, leaving you free to meet, greet and do business with them.

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Additional Images
07/05/2015: Your customers can feel like "The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo" with a themed event

Make your customers feel like the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo! The Monaco Grand Prix takes place on May 24th this year. With British interest at an all time high, associating your business with the glamour of the world's most thrilling sport can help bring people in and keep their attention while they are with you.

Monaco is also synonymous with the world's most luxurious and exciting casinos. How would a Grand Prix themed event make your customers feel? Probably like a million dollars, or as in the words of the old song "The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo".

With a well organised competition, visitors can be attracted to your promotional event, and following the leaderboard will help hold their attention throughout their stay.

Our full size single seater simulator can also be great value, branded with the brand of your business applied to the car to give great visibility from carefully placed logos to a full body wrap. The options are endless.

Call us now on the number shown above, ot click in the header of any page to send us an email to give your customers a promotional event they will remember.

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22/04/2015: Spring is in the air and the new F1 season is drawing huge public attention

With the 2015 F1 race season well under way now and spring being in the air, the time is perfect for outdoor motor racing themed promotions. Interest in motor racing from British customers is very high, so associating your message with the glamour of this sport is a great way of attracting people to your event and engaging with them while they are there.

Our simulators will give them a memorable experience that is bound to be shared with friends, both in person and through social media, extending the reach of your promotion even further and keeping it alive for longer. Throw in souvenir photographs and teeshirts, and you can make the message stick even more strongly.

If you are planning an outdoor event, our simulator comes complete with its own marquee to make the attraction fully self-contained and protect your visitors from the excesses of the British weather, should it decide not to play nicely on the day. The leaderboard competition will keep people coming back to check on their progress, thus maximising the opportunities to deliver your message.

Call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email and get a quote for a truly memorable event. To make life easier, we can also organise grid girls to hand out information with a smile, as well as great catering through our associates at BB Cuisine. Our photographic partner, RSC Photography can provide souvenir prints to be taken away on the day or CDs of images for you to use in future promotions. One call or email can get you well on the way to organising a great package for your next corporate event.

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30/01/2015: Fun, Firefighters and Formula One, who could ask for more at the NEC?

At the NEC last month, The Firefighters Race Team invited us to help out at their stand. Members of the public were very generous and donated a total of £394 to the Firefighters charity over the course of the exhibition. NGK Spark Plugs donated a further £100 to make this their most successful fundraising at the Autosport International Show by some £200.

Everybody had a great time trying their hand at lapping the world's greatest Grand Prix circuits in our full size Premier Class Simulator. The Firefighters Race team guys were delighted with the result and are keen to take us back to the show next year.

To bring your corporate event, exhibition stand or product launch to life, adding a Premier Class Simulator really engages the audience and by getting the spirit of competition going, the leaderboard keeps their attention focused on your message throughout the event.

If your venue has difficult access or is short of space, you can still offer all the thrills of Grand Prix racing to your visitors with our compact gaming chair pods, which use the same software, stunning graphics, sound and force feedback of the full size simulator, but fit through most normal doorways and take up less room than most standard desks.

Call us on 020 3691 0589 or click in the header of any page to send us an email and get the flag ready to drop and start the fun at your next event.

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18/11/2014: Premier Class Racing Simulation comes to the Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon

You don't have to be an international megacorp to benefit from the association with the glamorous world of Single Seater Racing. The Basildon Computer Centre provides a very local service for business and personal customers in their area.

We recently had a great day out at the Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon helping them promote their business to local people. At the same time, we were raising much needed funds for the Church at Swan Mead in Vange, Basildon to help their work supporting homeless people in the area.

Funds were raised by taking a donation from visitors who wanted to try their hand at putting in the fastest lap of Silverstone. The winner was Ben Wakelin, who put in a fantastic lap of 1:41.390, winning a souvenir Elite Virtual Racing teeshirt and a Basildon Computer Centre voucher for his efforts. Well done Ben!

Promoting your business is easy and highly effective with Elite Virtual Racing. Visitors are engaged with your message from the minute they arrive, and keep coming back to check their progress in the competition. Local press always takes an active interest in events like the one at the shopping centre, and you can bet that souvenir photographs of the day will be shared personally and over the Internet, giving you even wider coverage.

The photographs show our full size Single Seater Racing car simulator alongside one of the Single Seater Racing pods. These are great things to have at your corporate event if you don't have the wide open spaces or the easy access of a shopping centre. They offer all the thrills, great graphics, sound and force-feedback feel of the full size model but in a much smaller space, and will fit through a normal doorway.

For a quote to organise a truly memorable promotional or teambuilding event that will get people talking about your business, give us a call now or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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14/10/2014: You drive the simulator, I will have a go in your fork truck

It's only fair that you should try all the challenges at a corporate event. That is why when we went to Silverstone's Wing complex to lay on corporate entertainment for a major fork lift truck manufacturer, Angela got to have a go with some of their products.

The garages in the Silverstone Wing are huge, just like warehouses, so the experience was pretty realistic and great fun.

Likewise, in terms of realism, driving our Premier Class Racing Simulators is as close as you can get to the real thing. It is also a lot of fun for all concerned. With the changing expressions of drivers, the spectators can have as much fun watching them as they are having themselves while they try to get the fastest lap of the day around any of the world's greatest tracks.

This engagement of visitors makes Premier Class Racing Simulators great value for any corporate entertainment. Your visitors will be transfixed by the concentration and effort required to get a good lap time and they will keep on coming back to the leaderboard to check their progress.

Gaining and keeping attention is what it is all about for us, so your visitors are engaged from the minute they arrive until they leave. Our expert team runs competitions smoothly, keeping the flow of conversation going and focused on your message for the event. Call us now or click in the header of any page to send us an email and find out just how much value an Premier Class Racing Simulator can add to your exhibition, open day, product launch or teambuilding exercise.

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14/10/2014: Premier Class Racing Simulator Showcase Day at Spains Hall Estates

The wonderful setting of Spains Hall Estates saw a great day of fun last month. With two Premier Class Racing Simulators on the go all day, the visitors had a whale of a time racing each other around the most glamorous circuits in the world.

As you will see from the collection of facial expressions photographed by Rob Banham of RSC Photography, a ride in one of our simulators takes people through the full gamut of human emotion from hilarious laughter, through deep concentration, surprise and nerves to elation when they see their lap time.

That is why these are such powerful tools for your corporate events or entertaining. Engaging with your public is always the vital first step no matter whether your exercise is for customers or staff, you can be sure that your message has made its mark when you hold people's attention. The Top Gear style leaderboard provides a great point of focus too, with visitors returning time and time again to check their progress against friends, colleagues and rivals.

You not only gain attention at your exhibition, product launch or teambuilding day with our Premier Class Racing Simulators, but you hold it for the duration of the event. This has to be one of the most cost-effective ways of getting more traffic and more attention that you will find. Call us today or click in the header of any page to email us and get a no obligation quote for spicing up your event.

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24/01/2014: Elite Virtual Racing simulators at the NEC

We have just got back from a stunning week at the Autosport International exhibition. This certainly kept us busy with the Single Seater Racing car on the Race Tech Magazine stand and our two Premier Class Racing Simulator pods on the Fire Services Motor Sport Team stand.

During the show, the simulators were in constant use, both by members of the public as well as many of the racing drivers and exhibitors taking part in the show.

Everyone who tried the car or the pods found the force feedback feel, the graphics and the sound made for an incredibly realistic experience.

Andy Richardson, an international single seater racing driver, appearing at the show said: "Elite Virtual Racing provided an awesome experience with real effects and graphics making you feel connected to the track. I'd recommend it to anyone wishing to practice their skills or prove who is the faster of their friends, in the closest to real world as it gets!"

Give it a try at your next exhibition or product launch and see just how the friendly competition and the thrill of driving a real Single Seater Racing car bring people to your stand, and then keep them coming back throughout their stay.

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22/11/2013: Our new website goes live this week

To give you even more information about how Elite Virtual Racing's Premier Class Racing Simulator can bring visitors to your exhibition stand or corporate event, our new website has been expanded and updated.

Featuring a calendar of events so that you can keep up to date with where to find the thrills of virtual Premier Class Racing, as well as a photo gallery of exhibitions and launches that we have attended, the new site has all the background and contact details that you need.

Call us on the number shown or simply click in the header of any page to email us and find out how your event can be brought to life and more visitors attracted to take on the challenge of near-real life Premier Class Racing.

There are exciting new products available in the shape of two Premier Class gaming chair pods that allow visitors to race against each other as well as the clock, even in venues that don't offer enough space to get the full size Racing car simulator in.

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